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Pre-1950's Rolls-Royce Porcelain Neon - Only Known Example - Coming to Auction February 18, 2023

Good automobilia comes and goes.  Exquisite pieces like this may truly be once in a lifetime.  Because of the brand recognition and association with first class motorcars, Rolls-Royce did not produce a great deal of point of purchase advertisements.  To put it simply, this is the best piece of Rolls-Royce advertising that has ever been brought to market.  It is believed this sign was produced for display in Europe for Auto shows and then later brought over to the United States for display at a JS Inskip Inc. location.

Produced in the first half century, and uncovered from a NYC building rehab, the history writes itself.  Inskip, until the 1960’s, was the most prominent North East Coast importer of Rolls-Royce.  The sign was likely displayed at either the Brewster location in Long Island City, New York or another JS showroom in Manhattan.  Such a piece of Rolls-Royce Agency advertising has never previously been offered and is not likely to be offered again.

Online bidding available January 17, 2023!

View this piece along with our entire catalog for the February 17th and 18th auctions at Richmond Auctions in Greenville, SC and register for online bidding.

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