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Huge Memorabilia Auction at Rockabilly Auctions

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Richmond Auctions

Richmond Auctions logged a new World Auction Record for the most expensive antique advertising sign - $1,552,500 - shattering previous record of $400,000

Musgo Gasoline World Record Sign Sale

Widely viewed as the “Holy Grail” of advertising signs, this Musgo Gasoline sign was stumbled upon in an attic in Michigan, never before seen by the public.

Richmond Auctions set a new world record in the antique advertising sign category on August 27th, 2022. The sale of a double-sided porcelain Musgo Gasoline sign, measuring 48 inches, garnered a staggering $1.5 million, far exceeding the expected $100,000 to $750,000 range. This stunning result shattered the previous record of $400,000.

Musgo was a short-lived gasoline company based in Muskegon, Michigan during the mid-1920s, which is believed to have operated for less than six months. Unfortunately, most of the company’s signs were later utilized as septic tank lids, leading to one side of the sign to deteriorate from exposure to septic fumes. This particular sign, which sold for a record-breaking price, was found in pristine condition, having never been used as a septic tank lid and is considered the best-known example of the legendary sign.

Jordan Richmond, founder and CEO of Richmond Auctions, stated, “We were elated to have the chance to sell this one-of-a-kind collectible. This Musgo Gasoline sign was discovered without any touchups, restoration, or enhancements, which is practically unheard of for a collectible of its kind. The final price of $1.5 million is a testament to the item’s exceptional condition and rarity.”

Incredible 48″ Musgo Gasoline Michigan’s Mile Maker Double Sided Porcelain Sign TAC 9.5 & 9.25. NOS! This is the best example ever seen and/or graded by The Authentication Company. This is a fresh to market, never before seen or offered up for sale example. We believe this to be the best known example of this Holy Grail sign, and do not believe there will ever be chance to own a better example. Both sides of this DSP (double sided porcelain) sign have superb color and gloss. The 9.5 side is free of blemishes throughout. The reverse has is a tiny bruise above the indian’s head dress and a couple factory imperfections including a small pencil eraser sized rust area to the top left of “A” in Gasoline. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own the best known example of the best Gas/Oil sign in the market. Marked Veribrite Signs Chicago. The best that we have seen. Measures 47 7/8″. Rated 9.5 & 9.25 by The Authentication Company (TAC #041669).

9.5 & 9.25


Upcoming Auction

April 1st, 2023

Rockabilly Auction Company

Advertising, Americana & Nostalgia


This will be an outstanding Advertising and Americana Auction! Rockabilly Auction Company has already received multiple collections. Pictures coming soon. If you would like to be a part of this auction, contact Rockabilly Auction Company ASAP. They are filling fast.

They accept auction items by appointment from 12 to 8pm. Monday-Friday. Please call for an appointment. They will be adding tons of photos for this auction. Please check back for updates. If you would like to consign in this auction, please call Kurt at 770-652-8075.

Rockabilly Auction Company is always searching for outstanding items & collections for their quarterly advertising, Americana, & nostalgia auctions. If you would like to have your items or entire collection in their next quarterly auction please visit

Payment terms: A buyers premium will be added to all purchases as follows: 22% for phone bids. All phone bidders must pay with valid credit card, 17% for absentee bids, 16% for in house credit card purchases and absentee bids, and  13% for in house cash & check purchases.

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